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In-Home Supportive Services Appeals (IHSS Appeals)

Few things can make such a big difference in the lives of a family as the ability to give your special needs child the full care he or she deserves, without endangering your family finances. In-Home Supportive Services can provide crucial benefits for families of children with developmental disabilities. But the application process can be confusing and overwhelming because of the complexity of the documentation and requirements involved.

Due Process Representation

If you have been denied benefits, you can appeal this decision. An appeal system known as a due process hearing is an excellent tool for parents who have been denied benefits for their disabled children. This process provides you with another chance to prove that your family qualifies for financial assistance.

AAG is your ally in planning a successful due process hearing strategy. We can research the hearing officer’s past decisions, prepare your case and represent you at the hearing itself. This will make a dramatic difference in your likelihood of success.

How AAG Helps

The appeals process generally involves filing a request for an appeal, gathering documentation and witnesses, and participating in a court hearing. The hearing will involve the presentation of evidence (testimony by witnesses, letters, diary log, medical reports) about your needs in the service category areas where you and the county disagree.

If you applied for IHSS benefits and were rejected, we will:

  • Review your case with you
  • Check all records and research the reason for your rejection
  • Assist you in appealing your application
  • Represent you at hearings

Every child with special needs deserves complete care, and no family should be turned away. Contact AAG today for a free consultation to determine your best approach.

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