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Finding Childcare for your Child with Special Needs

Finding Childcare for your Child with Special Needs

Summer is almost here, and it's time to search for childcare for your little one with special needs. This includes finding someone who provides reliable, devoted, and quality care for your child. Having a child with special needs makes searching for someone more complex: you may have to ask more questions to find the right person who matches your requirements. So how do you find the best childcare for your child with special needs?

Find a Daycare that Specializes in a Child with Special Needs

You’ll want to find a childcare provider who has familiarity working with kids with special needs, who comprehends the different challenges involved, and who knows how to adjust activities as needed. Most importantly, you’ll want to find someone who you know you can trust. You’re not alone. We understand that this is a tough decision to make.

Ask the Childcare Provider Questions

Above all, you should search for premium childcare that offers receptive attentiveness that positively acknowledges variances in children’s capabilities, concentrations, and proficiencies. The emphasis should be on care and activities that are tailored specifically to your child, with an environment that mixes predictability and scheduling with activities that are fresh and stimulating.

There are three key elements that you should evaluate when looking at a daycare for your child with special needs. The first is safety. Ask yourself if the environment is safe for your child’s abilities. The second is structure. Is the setting too constricting or too unstructured for your child? Lastly, you need to assess regulation. How will this person discipline your child and manage your child’s behavior challenges? Look for a provider who wants to collaborate with you to develop the best match for your child. It’s particularly significant for you as a parent to partner with your provider, as well as teachers, community resources and professionals in special-needs arenas, to make sure that everyone has a clear picture of your requirements and the needs of your child.

Find Dependable Childcare Sources

When you’ve established the type of caregiving your child with special needs necessitates, begin your search by finding the special needs community in your area and asking questions. Usually, you will find that there are other parents who have valuable information about local resources. However, remember that every child is different, and what is right for another parent’s special needs child may not be a fit for yours.

When in doubt, speak with a professional agency, one that has a lot of experience with children with special needs. Meet the daycare provider in person, ask many questions, and request verification for state and federal compliance and licensing.

In-Home Caregivers and Special Needs Daycare Centers

The most optimal choice is in-home care for your child with special needs. A credible agency has experience working with children with special needs and does extensive background checks for anyone working one-on-one with a child with special needs. They will also be insured properly, and have state and federal regulations clearly met. Search for a provider that pairs a caregiver with your child’s specific needs, and also delivers a protective environment, developmentally-appropriate activities, and support that aligns with your child’s diagnosis.

If you do decide that a daycare center is the right fit for your special needs child, you have every right to one. The American Disabilities Act does not permit daycare centers to decline the admittance of a child due to a disability. Each daycare center must calculate the child’s individual necessities and arrange reasonable modifications, if possible.

But will your child benefit from a traditional daycare center, or one that focuses on special needs children? To determine the best fit, estimate your child’s capacity to communicate and socialize on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being very functional. If you feel your child is below five in many areas, you might want to look for a provider in your community who offers more specialized care.

If you need help with financial support to help pay for childcare, please contact us.

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