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Can I get Disability Benefits for My Child with Autism?

Can I get Disability Benefits for My Child with Autism?

If you are a parent with a child with autism (ASD), you know how expensive life can be. Deciding to spend money on a service for your child can sometimes mean not using that money on another need for your family. There are a countless number of choices you must make on a day-to-day basis, and there are times when the decisions become overwhelming. Many parents ask: can I get disability benefits for my child with autism?

Considering these realities can be very difficult. Below is a list of resources available to help you through. Hopefully, you can utilize them to find ways to create a sense of order in your life and maintain control over your finances as you care for your child and prepare him or her for adulthood.

IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services)

Do you know that you may qualify for up to $3,000 a month in disability benefits with IHSS? If you care for a child with autism, the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) program may pay you for that care so your child can remain safely in your own home. IHSS is considered an alternative to out-of-home care such as nursing homes or board and care facilities.

Within IHSS is a program called “Protective Supervision”. The Protective Supervision service is for adults and children who, due to a mental impairment or mental illness, need constant observation 24 hours per day to protect them from injuries, hazards or accidents. Many of the behaviors that can cause injury, hazards or accidents in children with autism are wandering, eloping, darting away or climbing.

Your Local Regional Center

If your child is a Regional Center client, services can be purchased by the Regional Center if they’re needed because of your child’s disability, there is sufficient documentation in your child’s Individual Program Plan, and if there is no other agency responsible for providing those services.

However, each Regional Center is different— and there have been a lot of changes to what Regional Centers will and will not pay in regard to your child. However, it is important to know that decisions must still be determined based on individual need according to the law.

Medi-Cal Disability Benefits

Medi-Cal provides health coverage for qualifying low-income families who live in California. There are many different Medi-Cal disability benefits programs, so if you are not eligible under one program, you or your child may be eligible under another program. Medi-Cal provides health, dental, and vision benefits to uninsured children.

Even with these disability benefits in place, out-of-pocket expenses can pile up and cause stress in the family. If you feel overwhelmed and you need help, please contact us.

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