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10 Great Resources for Parents of Children with Autism

10 Great Resources for Parents of Children with Autism


According to the latest statistics, 1 in 88 children are on the autistic spectrum, including 1 in 54 boys. It’s a disorder that’s still not entirely understood, and even within the community of parents of children with autism and educators who work with them, there are still disagreements about what therapies and treatments work best. For parents, finding ways to help with everything from diagnosis to coping is vital.

If your child has just been diagnosed with autism and you're not sure where to start, we have the sources for you. And whether you're looking for medical information, camaraderie, expert advice, autism-specific toys, best vacation plans for traveling with a child with autism, or just a shoulder to cry on, we have that resource as well. From national organizations to parent-written blogs to scholarship opportunities and even resources for siblings, we've put together a list of the 10 best autism resources:

  1. Autism Speaks

The site's founders have a grandchild with autism, and the site has research, family services, and advocacy. All in one convenient location.

  1. Autism Support Groups

This site connects families to groups both online and in their area that can offer support.

  1. Disability Scoop

This site aggregates news from the web and specifically sorts by category. It's a one-stop shop for any and all autism news.

  1. MyAutismTeam

MyAutismTeam is a social network for parents of kids with autism.

  1. is a great place to find a caregiver.

  1. Autism…Learn

This site allows people, including children, with autism to complete online activities geared toward helping them develop vital skills. 

  1. Autism on the Seas

Parents of special-needs children know how difficult it can be to plan a vacation. This site is dedicated to helping parents of children with autism map out their getaways, whether they’re cruises or camping trips.

  1. American Professional Exchange

This site provides information about hiring au pairs and experienced live-in child care professionals that specialize in caring for children with autism.

  1. Bloom and Grow

Being a caregiver can be a rewarding, but also often a difficult and humbling task. This site shares products, strategies and tips for how to help your loved one and cope with the great demands that are put upon you each day.

  1. Parent Coaching for Autism

Parents of both newly diagnosed children with autism and those who were diagnosed years ago can benefit from this site, sharing ideas for therapies, coping mechanisms and medical benefits through e-courses and newsletters.

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