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Can I Get Financial Help for My Child with Autism?

Families can often make sacrifices to support their children and make sure they live joyful and productive lives. If you have a child with autism, sometimes it means that you have to pay a lot of money to improve your child’s quality of life with doctor visits and therapy. Luckily, there are disability benefits to help you with the medical and living costs that can add up quickly.  Read More

Why You Should Get an IHSS Advocate for Your Child with Special Needs

If you have a child with a disability, you already feel the stress of having to take care of her health, educational and emotional needs. This doesn’t even include having to cope with a drastically lowered income because of reduced work hours or having to pay someone else for childcare.

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Were You Denied IHSS Because You Are Too Good of a Parent?

Have you cut back your hours or quit your job altogether to take care of your child with special needs? Between all the doctor’s appointments and the time taken off when he is sick, it’s really tough to maintain a fulltime job. And mostly, even though you know it will be hard financially, you know you need to do what is best for your child.

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How to Get IHSS Even If You’ve Been Denied

Have you tried to get In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) for your child with special needs, but you’ve been denied? When you are a parent of a child with a disability like autism or Down syndrome, an IHSS denial can be stressful. You know you need financial help to take care of your child who needs supervision 24 hours a day. You’ve had to cut your hours or you can’t work at all because you have to stay home.

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Find the Right Care for Your Child with Special Needs

As a parent, searching for childcare is tough. You want to find someone who truly cares for your child, who takes his best interests to heart, and who is reliable, devoted, and honest. If you have a child with special needs, searching for someone is even more complex: you may have to ask more questions to find the right person who matches your requirements.

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