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How to Support Children with Autism During Awareness Month

      Lighting it up blue for World Autism Awareness celebrated each year in April is our way of supporting children and individuals with autism. Autism awareness activities increase world knowledge of autism and impart information about… Read More

Is There Financial Help for Single Parents with a Special Needs Child?

Parenting as a single parent is difficult under any circumstances, but when your child has special needs, there’s an even greater level of struggle. The challenges are multiplied, and if there is no support from the other parent,… Read More

How to Get Through a Divorce with a Child with Special Needs

Getting through a divorce is tough, especially when you have a special needs child. If you are the parent who will have full custody, it might feel like is all up to you—your child’s health, education and long-term… Read More

3 Ways to Get Paid with a Financial Program in California

If your child has autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or another disability, he may be eligible for a financial program that offers benefits. In California, there are 3 programs that will pay you so you can stay home… Read More

How to Prepare for Your First IEP Meeting

  If your child has autism, Down syndrome or another disability, he may be eligible for special education services. The school system is tough to navigate without some preparation. That’s why getting ready for your first IEP (Individualized… Read More