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Questions to Ask During the IEP Meeting

        For your child who has special needs, the IEP (Individualized Education Program) is the most important document in his or her school file. Having an IEP that comprehensively addresses all your child’s needs is… Read More

I Can’t Work Because My Son Has Autism. Help!

          If you are a parent of a child with developmental disabilities like autism, there are many avenues to get financial assistance. Especially if you cannot work full-time because your child with autism needs… Read More

Tips on Traveling with Your Child with Autism

      Traveling during the holidays can be an exciting, yet anxiety provoking experience. This may be particularly true for a child with autism (ASD) because of factors connected to traveling, including a change in routine, navigating unfamiliar environments,… Read More

How to Help Your Family Understand Your Child with Autism During the Holidays

      Visiting family during the holidays can sometimes be very hard for your child with autism, especially when some family members don’t understand ASD. However, a bit of explaining and preparation can help keep your holiday… Read More

Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Child with Autism

      The holidays are a wonderful time for many families. But for those families with children on the autism spectrum, the holidays can also be stressful. For many children with autism, feelings of anxiety associated with noises, people, and… Read More