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Can I Get Money to Help Raise My Child with Autism?

        As a parent of a child with autism, are you constantly worrying that you don’t have enough money to provide the best care for your child? Your fears are understandable, since studies estimate that the… Read More

How Do I Reduce My Child with Autism’s Anxiety During the Holidays?

        The holidays are here, and when you think about celebrating, you may have happy memories of your family spending quality time together. For many children with autism, however, the holidays can make them feel… Read More

Tips to Make Remote Learning Easier for Your Child with Special Needs

        If your child has autism, Down syndrome or another disability, you are probably receiving services from the school for special education. But how is it going in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic and remote… Read More

My IHSS Was Denied. Should I Give Up?

        Trying to get In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) for your child with special needs on your own the first time around is difficult. There is specific documentation you need to provide, including paperwork from doctors,… Read More

Does Autism Qualify as a Disability in Regard to Financial Benefits?

          Each child with autism is different, and the impact their condition has on their life will depend on many factors. These will include the severity of their condition, any additional diagnoses, such as a learning… Read More