The Rising Costs of Raising Your Child with Special Needs

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you may suffer from constantly worrying that you don’t have enough money to provide the best care for your child—or you fear that you will face bankruptcy from all the bills. Especially in California, diagnoses such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may need therapy, services and care that may not be covered by health plans or private extended health insurance. Plus, coverage varies, depending on the diagnosis. Many families go without or wait for years to get services that would have been beneficial if used earlier. For the parents of kids with special needs, the gap is wide: so how do you deal with the rising costs of raising your child with special needs in California?


Helping Your Child with Special Needs Cope with Tragic Events

With the slew of tragic shootings happening recently throughout the country, children may be troubled by what they see or hear. They may react with emotions such as fear, worry, shock and grief. And if you have a child with special needs, he may respond in ways that you don’t know how to handle. He may react right away. Or, he may not show signs of having a tough time with the news until much later. No matter the case, while we may not be able to shield our children with special needs completely, there are plenty of ways to help them cope with tragic events.


How Do You Help Your Child with Autism Cope with the End of the School Year?

It is nearly the end of the school year and things are winding down. With summer almost here, children are more excited, louder. Special days are arranged such as school plays, school trips and summer fairs. For a child with autism who struggles with change and needs routine and structure to make sense of the world, this time of year can be very difficult. Suddenly school isn’t how it’s meant to be, it becomes unpredictable and anxiety inducing. It can almost be unbearable. How do you help your child with autism cope with the end of the school year?


Finding Childcare for your Child with Special Needs

Summer is almost here, and it's time to search for childcare for your little one with special needs. This includes finding someone who provides reliable, devoted, and quality care for your child. Having a child with special needs makes searching for someone more complex: you may have to ask more questions to find the right person who matches your requirements. So how do you find the best childcare for your child with special needs?


Financial Assistance for Children with Special Needs

In the state of California, raising children is expensive and raising children with special needs can be even more expensive. In 2020, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated the cost of raising a child from birth to 18 years at $233,610 or about $12,978 a year. Estimates on what the annual cost to raise a child with autism can run somewhere between $1.5 million and $2.4 million, with occupational, behavioral and life skills therapy, private schooling and private caregivers among the expenses. Fortunately, there is financial assistance for children with special needs. (more…)